Classes & Events

Qi Gong and Gentle Movement
at the Live Oak Cultural Center in New Smyrna Beach, FL
Oct 25th, Nov 22nd, Dec 6th

Please RSVP to if you plan to attend.


Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 1.46.56 PM This class will focus on what we need to know – in our hearts, souls and bodies to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. The practice Janice Rous employs is based on her work in Body Dialogue and will focus directly on the challenge of staying centered in these chaotic times. She hopes to create a group that wants to deepen their daily individual practice but also learn from one another.

 Tuition: $35 early bird rate ends October 13th, $45 full tuition


Annual General Meeting for the Marion Woodman Foundation
Novemeber 1-4, 2019
Stone Mountain, GA
Stone Mountain Manor Inn

There will be a BodySoul Gathering that will be open to All Leader Chat (ALC) and will be posted in the chat space   The cost of this will be $75 and will include lunch.  We have a limit of 50 people for the space.   If it does not fill  we will open it up on the Website in August.


From Grief to Gratitude
With Janice Rous and Madelyn Sovern
December 7th 1-4pm
At the Atlantic Center for the Arts

Do you feel like your breathing is not satisfying?

Do you want a deeper breath?

Do you often feel tired and lacking motivation?

It could be that you are sitting on some deep emotions.

These days, I am finding that many of us are holding grief and sadness, which often restricts our breathing system.

With Body Dialogue, you can learn tools to release stuck emotions and enhance your breathing system.

Our habitual breathing is generally not coordinated with the potential of our whole breathing system. In order to coordinate the breath, every individual has to investigate their unique tension patterns. Whatever you are feeling these days, your body is recording those feelings in your muscle memory. Whether its joy or sadness, grief or delight, these feelings are living in your body and affecting your breathing, often resulting in a feeling of tightness and constriction.

These breathing patterns affect  your nervous system, your outlook on life, and your mental clarity.

So join us for this workshop if want to have more control over your moods, your reactions, your state of mind, and your well-being. We can all shift from our grief and pain into gratitude and expansion.


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