Reclaiming our Lives, Reclaiming our Earth

April 21-26, 2020

Location: Lifebridge Santuary 333 Mountain Rd, Rosendale, NY 12472


Facilitators: Jean Esther, Polly Howells, and Janice Stieber Rous.  Join us at the Menla Retreat Center in Phoenicia NY

A BodySoul Community Workshop for Women

Inspired by the Marion Woodman Foundation, to continue the tradition of BodySoul Rhythms® work, as developed by Marion Woodman, Mary Hamilton and Ann Skinner through trained teams, the BodySoul Rhythms® work has a strong base in CG Jung and supports the individual’s process of working towards consciousness, and the contained group process of descending into the unconscious and the body. The BodySoul Rhythms® work holds that psyche and soma are inseparable, and must be worked on together to come to consciousness—to the positive feminine in our bodies and the positive masculine in our creative pursuits.


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