Private Sessions

Janice conducting a private session.A private session is an opportunity to discover our restrictions and tension patterns. During a session, as we release the breath and open into the present moment, we discover how your body is talking to you and what it is trying to say. All of us carry a story in our tissue that is not understood until we give ourselves the opportunity to listen. My attention opens the space that allows us both to hear your Body Dialogue. By speaking out loud and having your story witnessed, you can choose whether to hold onto it or to let it go. If a person shows up with a pain in her shoulder, we address the physical pain, but even as I am working physically on that person, we are asking questions directly to the joint uncovering what is hidden in the memory of our tissue. Often an image will come forth, or a color, and that will guide us more directly to what kind of healing is needed for that part of the body. I like to complete sessions with something active that a person can use either in meditation or movement so that they are the main healer. For some people, what needs to be addressed is muscle weakness or a structural problem, but even in the most concrete situation, there is almost always some deeper level of understanding that we can discover.

Private Sessions for Performing Artists

Performing artists usually come to me for one of two reasons; either because something is not working in their body, such as a tight joint or restrictions in the voice, or because they know their performing could be enhanced using the Alexander Technique and Breathing Coordination. Using these practices, a student can develop reliable tools for greater ease in their body, breath, and performance.

From Claire Hodge, Body Dialogue Practitioner:

Body Dialogue enables us to focus our attention on breath which becomes sound which becomes voice. Using Body Dialogue, students learn to open the spine and stabilize the structure allowing you to activate passageways for a more optimal flow of air and functionality. Generally we stabilize in the wrong places. Body Dialogue helps individuals to “listen” to your body for restriction of flow, think about release and allow ease of movement. “

-Claire Hodge, Private Voice Teacher

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