About Janice Stieber Rous

best pic of janJanice Stieber Rous has been dancing since she was five and attended the Martha Graham School until the age of 21. She graduated from the American Center of the Alexander Technique in 1981 and has been teaching classes in Stough Breathing Coordination, Yoga and the Alexander Technique in New York City,Orlando, Florida,Ireland and Israel ever since. She is a Sarah Lawrence College graduate and has a master’s degree from Bank St. College in museum leadership, education and administration.

Janice created Body Dialogue because she was in search of a practice to integrate all of her different studies, thereby effectively combining Alexander Technique, breathing and yoga. She also partners with Polly Howells and Jean Esther annually to host a women’s retreat based in the practice of Body Soul Rhythms Leadership Program, a program Janice graduated from in 2003.

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