Heart Opening Stretches

1. Find a flat surface where you can be steady and at ease
2. Build a round structure with blankets, pillows, perhaps a ball or a book to make a mound
3. Position your back on the mound in such a way that the rounded surface us directly under your heart area
4. Make sure that your head is properly supported so your neck is comfortable
5.bring your arms next to you and start breathing gently. Allow a hiss to sound through your teeth
6.feel what it does to your chest muscles to gently support a stretch in the intercostal muscles and ribs
7. If you are able, bring your arms over your head
8. pull the elbows up and away stretching the whole shoulder girdle out of the ribs
9. Notice what that does to your breath
10. Repeatedly stretch your arms and shoulders off the ribs and feel the armpits open. Relax the neck. Breathe
11. End the practice by dismantling your prop and lying softly with a new sense of what that area feels like after having been stretched. You may like to come into a child’s pose to release, relax, and let go.



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