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Body Dialogue Sessions are now available Remotely

I would never have believed it, but I am now teaching private sessions remotely. For all of the people who have said “I wish I could work with you, but I’m not in Orlando”, I have come up with a way to do Body Dialogue remotely.  I’m not going to lie, it’s not the same as having hands on, but it’s still highly effective. Why? Because most of us do not carve out the time we need to attend to ourselves, and particularly to our breathing. How do I know this for sure? Because even I do not do that for myself, and I teach this work!  If we make a session for 45 minutes, I can help you create better breathing habits through new information and practice tools to invigorate your life. Listening to your voice and hearing your frustrations is one way I can help resolve some of your breathing issues. More importantly, over the last year, I have developed a more sensitive attunement to the somatic restrictions that arise out of fear and stress. Because this work is so intimate, I am able to respond to some of the hidden factors that create restriction, and have developed some new techniques that free up the musculature that inhibits a deeper breath when under tension. In 45 minutes, we will be on the floor together, going through a protocol that I will design specifically for your needs. That protocol can be recorded so that you can continue to practice on your own when the session is over. 

Although breathing issues show up as a result of trauma or emotional imbalance, one develops a literal physiological weakness of the diaphragm and a restriction in the accessory breathing muscles. So repeated practice with Breathing Coordination is necessary in addition to working with the emotional problems.

$95 for 45 minutes. To schedule contact

“I came to Janice in desperate need of help because my health was not doing well and no doctors seemed to truly know how to help. Without even meeting her in person, I felt so comforted and protected. I knew that she was the perfect person for what I needed to help me get through this. She guided me through her breath work. The first day I bursted out into tears because my body had so much to release and finally felt this sense of safety unlike before. From that session I continued to work with her and felt completely relaxed and calm, unlike any other meditation or breath work I have done before! Janice is truly amazing at what she does and I will ALWAYS recommend her to everyone who I feel she could help!”

~Rachel Strever

I had the great fortune to work with Janice for a breath session last week. Even though we worked over FaceTime, I felt like Janice was in the room with me. I would describe the work as simple but profound. Janice helped me to release the tension throughout my torso, and free up my ribs, shoulders and diaphragms, allowing for deeper fuller breathing. I came away from the session feeling relaxed and energized. I look forward to working with Janice again soon!

~ Dr. Keren Vishny

Janice conducting a private session.A private session is an opportunity to discover our restrictions and tension patterns. During a session, as we release the breath and open into the present moment, we discover how your body is talking to you and what it is trying to say. All of us carry a story in our tissue that is not understood until we give ourselves the opportunity to listen. My attention opens the space that allows us both to hear your Body Dialogue. By speaking out loud and having your story witnessed, you can choose whether to hold onto it or to let it go. If a person shows up with a pain in her shoulder, we address the physical pain, but even as I am working physically on that person, we are asking questions directly to the joint uncovering what is hidden in the memory of our tissue. Often an image will come forth, or a color, and that will guide us more directly to what kind of healing is needed for that part of the body. I like to complete sessions with something active that a person can use either in meditation or movement so that they are the main healer. For some people, what needs to be addressed is muscle weakness or a structural problem, but even in the most concrete situation, there is almost always some deeper level of understanding that we can discover.

Private Sessions for Performing Artists

Performing artists usually come to me for one of two reasons; either because something is not working in their body, such as a tight joint or restrictions in the voice, or because they know their performing could be enhanced using the Alexander Technique and Breathing Coordination. Using these practices, a student can develop reliable tools for greater ease in their body, breath, and performance.

From Claire Hodge, Body Dialogue Practitioner:

Body Dialogue enables us to focus our attention on breath which becomes sound which becomes voice. Using Body Dialogue, students learn to open the spine and stabilize the structure allowing you to activate passageways for a more optimal flow of air and functionality. Generally we stabilize in the wrong places. Body Dialogue helps individuals to “listen” to your body for restriction of flow, think about release and allow ease of movement. “

-Claire Hodge, Private Voice Teacher


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