Body Dialogue Coaching

Virtual one-on-one Body Dialogue Coaching.

Address your specific challenges.

Practice the tools of Body Dialogue with a personalized protocol.

What Janice offered me is just the right path at just the right time. I came to her with pinched nerves in my lower back. Stiffness. Very limited mobility. She helped quickly, as she said, “to get my back talking with my legs again.” I needed help. She offered it in important ways. Gentle ways. Clear ways for a person like me that isn’t very stretchy. This I appreciated. Yet, Janice also went beyond to deeper layers with me. I had a hunch that my challenges were much more than a stiff back. Mine were deeper — issues of breath and heart. Janice is the perfect coach for me to find my way back to the most essential restorations of listening to my body.

~Tenneson Woolf
Teacher, Healer, Helper

I’ve worked with Janice Stieber Rous for at least a decade and have always found it incredibly helpful. Janice has great wisdom and experience with the body and the mind-body connection, and also the ability to adapt her sessions to whatever is going with me at the moment. Her compassion, skill, and appreciation for life are evident in everything she does and make her an extraordinary teacher and coach.

~Joy Wallace Dickinson
Writer and Editor

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