How Does Body Dialogue Live in Me Now?


Body Dialogue is an evolving practice for me. As a life-long seeker, I have been consumed with certain kinds of questions. As a young person, the questions revolved around “Why?

Why questions are questions that tried to answer my place in the universe. Why was I born in New York with these parents? Why was I born with enough when other people had so little? So from a young age, I observed myself in relation to other people, which I now understand was my sensitive being longing for explanations around justice and injustice, around the inner world and the outer world. Reality as my family defined it vs. my inner reality which seemed to have so much validity but was never validated from outside myself. It might not seem apparent, but I brought these questions to my dance classes and I think that’s why I was drawn to dance improvisation as a search for meaning and an explanation for who I was in the universe.

So fast forward to today, I’m still asking those questions, but what interests me now is how do these places of pain and discomfort show up in the physical body? And how does the body politic then become personal. This inquiry has led me into investigating the body’s response and internalization somatically of day-to-day feelings.

This pandemic has afforded me time to listen and reflect on some of the teachers who are responding to these issues from their vantage point. This website, and particularly this forum is a place where I can muse and share what is being revealed to me during these days of remembering and dismembering. 

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