Body Dialogue is a Biofeedback System

Everyone I am speaking to now feels overwhelmed, stressed out and emotionally depleted. In response to this situation, the Body Dialogue team has created a course called Body Dialogue to Nourish the Nervous System.

We live in a culture that values what we do more than who we are. We often burn the candle at both ends, and live fast-paced lives to make ends meet. Given the human situation of living in this period, people are constantly bombarded with sensory input.  This sensory overwhelm creates feelings of fragmentation, dis-location, disembodiment, dissociation, and disconnect. It can lead to addictive behaviors in an attempt to self-soothe and self-medicate. The result is a certain kind of despair and grief. 

When you are accustomed to a way of life that keeps you busy, preoccupied, and responding to external environmental clues, it is hard to recognize when your body/mind/psyche is overloaded and dysregulated.

Body Dialogue is my response to this condition. It is a feedback system. It is the conversation we are having with our bodies all the time, whether we are conscious of this or not. The practice of Body Dialogue teaches us how to be responsive to our inner conversations so that we can fine-tune our energy, thereby allowing us to know when we are in and when we are out of our own vibrational integration.

When things become too chaotic, too charged, too emotionally disturbing, it throws the body-mind system into what people who study the nervous system are now calling dysregulation—which means that in our feedback system, some part is running ahead of another part. Perhaps our mind is so busy that we’re in the future rather than the present. Perhaps our heart is so sad that it’s pulling us into despairing thoughts and painful scenarios. Whatever the cause, the result is that our feedback system is out of balance. The parasympathetic and sympathetic branches of our nervous system cannot do their job.

The reason the Body Dialogue team created this course is to help us establish a scaffolding for the day. What practices can we employ throughout the day to reinforce an inner center that is steady, responsive, and grounded.

Look for our new course Body Dialogue to Nourish the Nervous System coming soon!

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