Mini Practices To Support You In The Never-Ending To-Do List

In order to slow down and revitalize our heart/mind, we need to deliberately take a break from work and invite more oxygen into our cells and more love into our field. I invite you to try these suggestions throughout the day. 

Find a place where you can be in nature and allow the smells and the sounds to penetrate the muscles of your back body. With each exhalation welcome into your heart the beauty of where you are.

Identify a piece of music that invites your body to move. It can be big movements or movement in a chair but moving is very important for our brain health as well as our oxygenation.

Lie down on your back and allow all the stress from your face, ribs and belly to melt into the floor.

Make a date to have a cup of tea or coffee with a friend, with no agenda other than to be with one another.

Whenever your heart feels heavy, look inside for what you are thankful for. Try doing that every morning or evening. Keep a gratitude journal next to your bed.

Try at least one of these simple practices everyday and notice if it helps you keep a larger window of appreciation in your daily life. We often feel that we need an hour or two hours for self care, but these mini practices can support you in the never-ending to-do list. 

If you enjoyed this, stay tuned for our mini course Body Dialogue to Nourish the Nervous System!

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