Even after years of working with Janice, I find that body dialogues has new wisdom to teach me, depending on what life is bringing me. When I first began working with Janice, I was dedicating intentional time to sitting with the techniques, exploring my inner dialogue with my body, and discovering how the breath could help me move through chronic pain. This practice cultivated physical resilience for me, which has been so valuable, especially through a global pandemic.

Prior to the pandemic, I could not have imagined just how vital emotional resilience would become. I believe we have all experienced increased anxiety since the pandemic. One of the most valuable tools that body dialogues has offered to me as a healthcare worker is it’s accessibility to be used in real time. In a moment of shock, grief, panic I can simply find my breath and allow a long exhale to my slow the pounding of my heart. From this space, I can continue to provide emotional first aid to those in need, rather than fleeing from their pain. The return to my breath is what allows me to work from a place of compassion, not just for my patients but for myself.” –Erin, Child Life Specialist

“When we did our work together, I was 3 years into (ever worsening) chronic pain, including frozen shoulder and hips. Janice taught me that movement is always available, even if it’s as small as a breath or the vibration of a tone. And that allowed me to rest into exploring the movement I could. This really helped me move through the painful restoration of movement when that started to open up.” –Mayuri Devi

“Janice is an incredibly sensitive, caring, and resourced healer. She listens with her full body and responds with her own intuitive wisdom. Our session together organically unfolded from the sharing of my stories into movement into singing and dancing and finally into a ritual that I was able to take into my daily practice as a way of integrating the transformative work that we had engaged in together. I feel listened to, seen, held, and deeply cared for by Janice and am profoundly grateful to her for the healing, nourishment, and empowerment I am discovering for myself through our work together.” –Tamara Reimer 

“Janice’s breath work took me to a state of relaxation, calmness and serenity. Her ensuing hands-on work with my body honored its innate wisdom. She “heard” what it needed to take me to a level of body connection that I had never experienced before. Her ability to listen to how my body wanted her to move it transported me to a level I would not have been able to achieve otherwise. I felt as though I had been returned to the perfect body in which I was born!” — J.M.

“Thank you Janice for giving me the tools to combat pain. I feel amazing today!” – Kelly Weeks, guitarist

“…She has an incredibly deep understanding of the human body, which she communicates clearly, so that I now have a deeper understanding of my own body and how to best use it. Her teaching has stayed with me over the years and I rely on it daily.” – Nina Bruder, Director, Bikkurim: An Incubator for New Jewish Ideas

“She uses her hands like a divining rod.” – Amy Albert, Editor

“Not only was the time that Janice spent working with me very helpful, but more important were the multiple simple skills that she taught me in just a few sessions that I now use every day to keep my body feeling good.” – Ben Unger, Ph.D.; Director Early Products Marketing; Fortune 50, Pharmaceutical Company

“Her energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and profound knowledge of body dynamics make her an excellent co-leader…providing a counterpoint to my psychoanalytic skills.” – Polly H. Howells

“…Janice communicates her ideas with a precision that elicits respect and a passion that is contagious and draws in even the biggest skeptics. She is a gem.” – Peter Bregman, Bregman Partners, Inc.

“My body can now do for itself what it used to require the help of a chiropractor to do.” – Tom Reising, PHD

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