Freeing Your Breath

The pandemic is making some of us very aware of the challenges of breathing. If you’ve had Covid, then you know what it’s like when the onset of the disease happens, and there’s this anticipation that something’s going to happen to your respiration, so you immediately go into fear and constriction.

If you haven’t had Covid, there’s a chance you may be walking around holding your breath and being vigilant because you’re worried that you’re going to breathe in the virus. 

For anyone living in the 21st century, it’s not unusual to notice that your breath is shallow and your mind tells you that perhaps you could have a better breath — but the question is, how to do that?

So it’s possible you search the web and you listen to different experts tell you how to breathe. You try to do some of of the practices and you notice that you can do them one or two times but they don’t become part of your lifestyle. 

So what I want to suggest to you is from now until whenever you decide — a week from now, a month from now — you start becoming aware of how often you are holding your breath. How often are your shoulders up near your ears? How often do you feel like you want a satisfying breath but you can’t get it? After you become aware of this chronic pattern of shallow breathing, then and only then can you begin to unpack what creates better breathing coordination.

Your breathing is as unique to you as your fingerprint, because it depends on the muscle tension in your torso, what you do with your jaw,  how your tongue rests in your mouth, what kind of lower back position you hold yourself in and, most importantly, what is the health of your diaphragm. After all, the diaphragm is your main breathing muscle. 

I’d like to recommend that after you’ve paid attention and become aware of your breath, then can you start working on having better breathing coordination. 

If  this is speaking to you, let me know. I am now currently bringing people together to help them breathe in a more efficient and easeful manner, and I will add your name to my list.

The recording that’s attached is a short guide to creating a better breathing coordination. I hope this finds you in a good place and that you’re able to put this awareness into your life.

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