Body Dialogue Is…

Body Dialogue Is...Look at this beautiful picture. Take your mind back to the beginning, your first steps. I want you to ask yourself what can she teach us?

A baby moves with intention and awareness in present time. She is captured in the moment, standing firmly on her feet, grounded through her legs, her spine is lengthened, her shoulder girdle is widening and balanced, her neck is free, and her head is turning from the top of her spine.

Body Dialogue teaches this organizational understanding. we are designed to be in balance, we are designed to breath fully. We are designed for ease and grace. What gets in our way are conditioned habits that fragment us and result in fear, stress, and lack of awareness. In a moment we can loose this awareness no matter what our age, but with awareness and simple tools we can reclaim this clarity.

Now ask yourself this…What do I know about my body? How do I listen to what my body tells me?

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