Response To Taking on Stress

Kristi recognized that she was taking on her clients pain. Even if you are not a massage therapist we ALL take on stress when it is in our field of energy. Kristi went from taking on others pain to having a personal transformation. You my be asking yourself how did this transformation occur?

First, Kirsti became AWARE that she was taking on others neck pain, if you do not know you are doing something you cannot shift it.

Second rather then trying to fix it, there are certain clues that can take our awareness and move it to the next level. For instance are we breathing, are we grounded into our legs on the floor or into our sit bones in the chair.

Third recognize the separation of the client from you, her emotions are not your emotions. Create an invisible shield to contain your energy within yourself.

Lastly this practice is a moment to moment choice, that rather then collapsing into the field of stress we choose to stay in our own central column of support.

The Holiday of Shavuot for Me

I am asking the question what does it mean to truly RECEIVE?

We use the word BUT this year I seem to hear the word differently.

Can I receive? Am I able to receive??

Can I take the time and drop into what it actually means to open my self to being a receiver? I know how to give. I know what it means to receive with my habitual fast track behavior. BUT what is it like to open quietly, slowly to be in the unknown of receiving. to actually be so open that you do not know exactly what you will receive

I just had an experience with a friend where she actually was angry that I do not know how to receiver her. As I thought about it I realized she is right. Even in my intimate relationships I like to be in control.

Can we truly receive if we want to hold onto control?

I am a person who practices mindfulness in as many endeavors as is possible and as I drop in to being more deliberate and stop being on automatic I have to confront that I have not been a receiver. I have mostly perfected giving as a way to receive.

It has been a transactional relationship. The quality I am opening to now is different. It is one of breathing, softening, releasing controlĀ  – being open to RECEIVE.

Stopping, breathing, softening, releasing expectation – what is that quality of receiving??

Perhaps i can be totally surprised??

Body Dialogue Is…

Body Dialogue Is...Look at this beautiful picture. Take your mind back to the beginning, your first steps. I want you to ask yourself what can she teach us?

A baby moves with intention and awareness in present time. She is captured in the moment, standing firmly on her feet, grounded through her legs, her spine is lengthened, her shoulder girdle is widening and balanced, her neck is free, and her head is turning from the top of her spine.

Body Dialogue teaches this organizational understanding. we are designed to be in balance, we are designed to breath fully. We are designed for ease and grace. What gets in our way are conditioned habits that fragment us and result in fear, stress, and lack of awareness. In a moment we can loose this awareness no matter what our age, but with awareness and simple tools we can reclaim this clarity.

Now ask yourself this…What do I know about my body? How do I listen to what my body tells me?