Rewiring my Brain

I know it is my hip that was removed and a new hip installed, but I actually feel I am rewiring my brain.

Today I have entered my fourth week after my surgery. I am amazed at how much I love the slowness and simplicity of the life I have had in those weeks.

My priorities are so clear. Every day I tend to my body in the form of my exercises and I tend to my mind by meditating. I try to stay openhearted and clearsighted as much as possible and not fall back into old thought patterns.

I remember feeling something like this when I had my hysterectomy back in 1997.

I thought I would never forget how good it felt to go slowly and to have much less on my schedule than was my usual pattern.

To focus and simplify my life down to manageable goals every day became my mantra. 

I knew then and I know now that RUSHING is not an option. It results in breathlessness and anxiety, my two enemies.

As I start to re-enter the world, I feel very tender toward this new-found energy. I want to be met with this gentle, soft awareness. I feel a kind of precious knowing that this state of being is preferable to the old way of feeling always slightly out of balance with a little too many plates spinning in the air.

Then, I believed my self-worth was dependent on how much I did. I believed life is too boring if you slow down.

Now I feel that the amount I do and what I accomplish daily is only measured by the quality with how I do it. At the center of my actions is my love of each and every encounter, be it with nature or with another human. 

Deepak Chopra says perfect health is finding daily balance. That is an awesome goal, since balance has always been a great goal of mine, but one that proved elusive.

I also think balance is not static. It is finding the flow and fluidity of our body-mind. It is recognizing what takes us out of flow and fluidity. It also makes decision-making easier since that goal is a center point for me. 

As I re-enter the bigger world, I pray I can continue to remember some of the biggest lessons I have received from this experience.

Since I have heard from many of you that these blogs are helpful,  I’d like to ask you to say more about your idea of perfect health and how it relates to FINDING your balance. 

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